Repair Services

Auto Repair Services in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

From minor vehicle repairs to major engine repairs, to AC service, to electrical issues, we’ve got you covered. Contact us with any issue your auto is having. UPDATE 9/16/22: We now offer WV state inspections and windshield replacements! 

Auto Air Conditioner Diagnosis and Service

Heating and AC systems can wear over time with use. With a little help from proper routine maintenance, you and the passengers in your car will stay cool all summer and warm all winter with a working air conditioning system.

Check Engine Diagnostics

Driving with a lit, but not flashing check engine light will reduce fuel economy and can quickly lead to significant and costly repairs. A flashing light indicates a major issue and should prompt immediate attention. 

Transmission Service & Repair

Transmissions should be serviced regularly, as well as brought in at the first sign of an issue. The transmission takes the power from your engine and transforms it into the rotation of your wheels. Transmission issues can be very costly if not diagnosed immediately. 

We offer the below repair services, as well as others. If what you see isn't what you need, contact us and we'll chat with you about it.

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